Members Council Election

The Members Council will shape and direct the future of the organisation, and successful candidates are expected to remain in post for two years.



Election Result 2014

The candidate elected to the Members Council is:

Steve Watts


Elisabeth Carter and Leslie Cuthbert have decided to stand down from the Council. They have both been involved with the Society since it’s inception and have seen it through its launch and up to the point where we will be able to introduce the Accreditation Scheme.

The Society is very grateful for their contributions and would like to wish them well for the future.



The main issues to be addressed during the first 12 months will include developing members benefits, the development and implementation of the Accreditation Scheme, and building relationships with other professional bodies to enhance our professional standing.

Election Result 2013

The six candidates elected to the Members Council are:

Robert Brooker

Peter Coley

Brian Haughey

Kerry Marlow

Simon Scales

Ian Younger




Candidates Profiles

Robert Brooker

I have over 10 years experience as a Fraud Manager both within the private and public sector. I am currently Fraud Manager at Transport for London (TfL) and have been since September 2008. I am also a Director of the London Fraud Forum where I have responsibility for conferences and seminars. I am very excited at the prospect of SoFI establishing best practice and setting standards to provide consistency throughout interviews, whilst ensuring interviewers undertake some form of training. The society will also allow interviewers a sound board to share knowledge and experiences. I therefore wish to sit on the Members Council to help organise events and support fellow members.


Peter Coley MCIPD; MlfL. FLPI

I am Head of Learning & Development at one of the UK’s largest Homelessness organisations, responsible for the ongoing development of managers and staff. This includes dealing with incidents, grievances and complaints within the employment context, as well as investigating incidents within our diverse and often complex client group which may have both regulatory and criminal consequences.

Having served in the police, I believe that forensic interviewing skills, which are common place in the police service are extremely relevant and should be more widely employed in the public, private and third sector. This would not only ensure fairness and accountability for staff/clients but also enables organisations to deal with employment/ internal issues effectively and efficiently.

I have extensive experience in developing award winning qualifications and vocational awards and have been involved with awarding bodies and National Occupational Standards for over 5 years.

I passionately want to see the aims of the Society become the gold standard against which HR professionals, managers and staff measure themselves when undertaking investigations and believe that my specialist knowledge within HR/Learning will be beneficial in tailoring the Society’s message and approach to suit these additional sectors.


David Foley

I have been involved in the counter fraud & anti-bribery industry for over 16 years, in a number of positions, inclusive of law enforcement, regulatory, operational investigative and strategic management and direction of many programmes and projects within the UK and overseas.  A financial crime, fraud & bribery subject matter expert, who is an accredited counter fraud specialist and financial investigator.

I am experienced in working with a wide range of organisations to assist them in identifying and assessing their fraud and bribery risks, whilst taking the lead in implementing fraud and bribery risk controls, with a focus on prevention and detection methods, inclusive of deploying disruption tactics where necessary. I have worked with clients of varying sizes and complexity across many sectors, inclusive of public sector, local and central government departments, housing, retail, financial sector) and a number of corporate clients.

A trained facilitator who delivers workshops and training from Executive Board level to operational staff within a number of sectors and various types of organisations.

My skills have enabled me to work on some very high profile and sensitive projects and assignments, achieving a number of successful outcomes inclusive of prosecutions, civil recovery and regulatory sanctions.


Brian Haughey

I am currently employed as the Head of Financial Crime Investigations for BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment bank based in Marylebone. Typical cases involve issues such as internal / external Fraud, Market Abuse, Serious staff issues involving integrity lapses, Money laundering and Procurement fraud.

Prior to joining BNP Paribas I worked as a Fraud Investigations Manager for Barclays Corporate. This included conducting investigations in the UK and also Europe. Some of the most notable cases included investigating Organised Crime related corruption within the Bank.

Reaching beyond my private sector career I worked in the Police Service for 18 years. This included working in the City of London Police Economic Crime Department as a Detective Sergeant in the Money laundering unit and the Fraud Squad. I began my Detective career with Hampshire Constabulary which involved dealing with a wide variety of offences including drugs, sex offences, Child Protection.

Throughout my career both in the public and private sector I have been actively involved in obtaining evidence through interviewing. I have been PEACE trained since 1996 and received additional training in interviewing child victims, advanced investigative interviewing and cognitive interviewing in line with achieving best evidence requirements. I have continued to use these skills within the private sector and am a strong believer in the value gained from using the PEACE model.

Consequently I am keen to provide positive contributions to the SoFI and would like to put myself forward as an elected member of the committee. I believe that in doing so I could add value towards the accreditation process and actively promote its use in the Corporate and Investment Banking sector.


Graham Jones

I am a former Police Officer who has been involved in many high profile investigations, having worked for the Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) and in two police forces for 26 years.

I have supervised and instructed colleagues to gather covert evidence during many sensitive investigations, to support prosecutions for crimes such as murder, blackmail, paedophilia and drug crimes.

Whilst a member of the Kent Constabulary Training School I wrote a 6 week training course for newly appointed Detective Officers in Kent, replacing the existing 10 week Course.  This was later adopted as the National Model for all Detective training in the UK. (ICIDP).

As a member of Lancashire Police Training School, I delivered many police training courses including Tier 2 PEACE interviewing and Tier 3 (Advanced) Investigative Interviewing.

Since leaving the police I have specialised in delivering various investigative courses to colleagues in the Public and the Private Sector.  I am Sancus Solutions Ltd lead on Investigative Interviewing and delivered various aspects of interview and investigative training to Police Officers at the Bahrain Police Academy in July 2012.

I maintain my investigation skills by performing Open-Source, Pre-employment background checks and due diligence enquiries for a number of clients.  I am also a qualified teacher and an A1 assessor.

I am passionate about getting it right when conducting any interview, no matter what or who it is for.  I believe that we should be professional in our approach to interviewing and being on the Members Council will give me the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with a wider audience and assist in professionalising the role of forensic interviewer.


Kerry Marlow

Kerry Marlow is a former Interview adviser performing this role since 1995. His portfolios included ACPO Regional Interview Co-ordinator for Wales, ACPO Investigative Interview Strategy lead on Interview Advisers, Specialist interviewing (vulnerable and intimidated witnesses) and the project lead for South Wales on the introduction of intermediaries in interviews. He is the former Chair of the ACPO Interview Practitioners Forum. He is the author of Notetaker a systematic system of notetaking and interview analysis. He was the manager of the PIP accreditation process for South Wales Police and still accredits advanced interviewers and interview advisers. He has been a contributor to Achieving Best Evidence guidance. He delivers advanced interview training and assessments (Interview advisers, suspect interviewing and specialist witness interviewing) to the police service and a number of investigative agencies. He is a committee member of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group Scientific Committee. He conducts child interviews for the family proceedings court .He is currently researching the interviewing of vulnerable adults with mild learning disabilities, enhancing witness evidential information through witness preparation, interviewing using interpreters and issues regarding briefing of suspects prior to interview. He has the knowledge, experience and skills to promote the SFI accreditation scheme.


Warwick Partington

Warwick Partington is managing director of MTM Skills Training Ltd which runs the Centre for Leadership and Management Development in Broadway Worcestershire.

After qualifying from Newcastle University he worked in ITV as a reporter/researcher then producer/director for a range of current affairs and investigative documentary programmes before moving into directing live news, politics and current affairs for both ITV and Sky News..

Moving to BT Business Television as a programming consultant, he worked with a team of international business psychologists, delivering change management programmes for global businesses, developing his interest in training senior executives to communicate more effectively.

After qualifying as a trainer, he moved to the BBC Training & Development Centre, spending 10 years training presenters and interviewers for a variety of global networks including the Iraqi Broadcasting Service, South Africa’s SABC, Kenya’s Nation Media, Ireland’s RTE and Norway’s NRT.

Since 1996, he has developed MTM and its subsidiary, MTM Skills Training to become Europe’s leading executive communications training company. The majority of clients are global corporates or national/international government departments or government regulators. He regularly acts as the lead strategic communications advisor on major reputational issues appearing in headline news.


Simon Scales

Simon has over 30 years Professional Investigation, Law Enforcement and security related experience (Public and Private sectors), and fully supports and endorses the key activities of SoFI; specifically the interests of developing a primary (and arguably one of the most important) skill-set and enabler for professional investigators.

Simon’s background and support of SoFI therefore welcomes your support in order that Council Members are able to listen to, and apply, member interests in increasing the professionalism of the investigative profession, and has dedicated a great deal of time and energy in supporting organisations to leverage investigative value with interviewing being core subject matter expert involvement.

He will work tirelessly in order to achieve this for members – he is internationally recognised for his public speaking credentials and vast experience on matters of Anti-Bribery, Corruption, Fraud and Compliance and his background as an experienced Detective with the Metropolitan Police Service (New Scotland Yard) and studies conducted at the National Crime Faculty led to him becoming an accomplished Financial Investigator, Advanced Investigative Interviewer and has been commended for his corporate delivery of innovative and dynamic investigative approaches to the world of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption.


John Smith

I retired from the Metropolitan Police Service after 31 years as a Detective.

I joined Child Protection in 1991 and qualified as a trainer, gaining my PGCE. I was invited to join a small select group to review the original Achieving Best Evidence document by the Welsh Assembly Government. I was also responsible for writing and delivering the ABE training to Metropolitan Police Service and developed a course with VoiceUK to assist officer’s interview victims with disabilities. I have been acknowledged as contributing to the 2007 edition of ‘Achieving Best Evidence’. I worked for The Office for Criminal Justice Reform on the Intermediary project and the implementation of cross-examination along with being the ROTI pilot lead in London.

Since retiring I ran my own company delivering training to the Health, Education and private sectors on Safeguarding children and adults and interviewing skills.

I have been a part time lecturer at the University of Greenwich, specialising in Safeguarding Children and Adult and interviewing skills since 2002.

With my knowledge and experience I feel can contribute to the successful growth of SoFI and the expansion of interviewing skills into the private sector.


Stephen Storey


Jeremy Wescombe

Jeremy was in the Merchant Navy for twelve years before joining Thames Valley Police.  After a few years in CID he specialised in Interviewing and debriefing Intelligence Sources.  Jeremy transferred to the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations border controls unit on Eurostar Trains where his Interviewing and skills helped identify a number of undesirable people trying to enter UK without detection.  In 2004 he became a qualified Forensic Polygraph Examiners trained and accredited by the Canadian Police.  Jeremy returned to working in a specialised Intelligence gathering role and became an expert in the requirements of The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.  Since 2009 Jeremy has contracted to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office leading in the Vetting of locally employed personnel at British Embassies using polygraphy and advanced interview techniques to enhance the security at missions around the world.  He has a wide knowledge and extensive experience in interviewing and conducting polygraph tests in a variety of cultures and communities; he has lectured internationally on the use of Interpreters in Interviewing and Polygraphy.  His area of interest is Ethics and the Validation of Interview Techniques.


Ian Younger

Ian currently works as a investigator for the IPCC. He is qualified as a Certified Fraud Examiner and  holds a Postgraduate Certificate in  Advanced Professional Investigatory  Practice and a Tier 2 Certified Interviewer. Ian is currently sits on the board of the Association of British Investigator and is a member of the Governing Council. Up until the summer of this year he was the elected President of the UK Chapter of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Ian hopes that his wide experience and knowledge of the investigation sector whether it be private, public or commercial, will be of benefit to the development of SoFI .

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