We aim to promote high standards of ethics and professionalism in Investigative Interviewing.

To promote and maintain ethical standards in forensic interviewing:

  • Set high professional standards for Forensic Interviewing and its practitioners, and maintain a system of accreditation.
  • Engage with the relevant stakeholders and promote the minimum standards and accreditation system.
  • Seek to increase its membership generally, both within the British Isles and internationally.
  • Maintain appropriate panels of assessors.
  • Liaise with forensic interviewing societies, regulatory bodies and professional
  • organisations in Europe and throughout the world.

To provide opportunities for education, training & development for forensic interview practitioners:

  • Provide a scheme of continuing professional development for members, in partnership with other bodies.
  • Encourage, and advise, on career and professional development.
  • Provide the assessment and accreditation of qualifications and training courses.
  • Create and maintain training links with universities and other key stakeholders.
  • Hold professional conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Provide networking opportunities.

To support and encourage research and development in the subject of forensic interviewers:

  • Have links to research bodies nationally and internationally.
  • Have close liaison with Universities.
  • Consider and promulgate information as to required research.
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