SoFI is keen to align itself with organisations and individuals who have, and continue to make a significant contribution to the development and maintenance of standards in Investigative Interviewing, and to that end will actively seek out and develop relationships with public and private sector organisations, and academic institutions that share our vision.

SFJ Awards

The Society of Forensic Interviewers has been granted SFJ Awards ALP Only Centre Approval

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British Banking Association

The British Banking Association supports the development of SoFI in it’s aim to promote and maintain ethical standards in investigative interviewing within the banking sector.

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Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is the public sector food body for Scotland, ensuring that information and advice on food safety and standards, nutrition and labelling is independent, consistent, evidence-based and consumer-focused. The Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit is the investigations and intelligence gathering arm of FSS, focussing on tackling food crime and maintaining consumer protection.
Food Standards Scotland (FSS) are training their investigators in ethical interviewing with SoFI.

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