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April 2017


” I recently studied the on-line Theory in Ethical Investigative Interviewing course and passed the examination. I found the course material and syllabus to be well structured, informative and relevant to those who will undertake investigative interviews. In my opinion, the theory course provides a sound basis for those wishing to participate in the practical course to become a SoFI Accredited Interviewer.”  –  ‘Experienced Investigator and Trainer, Scotland’


July 2016

The Society of Forensic Interviewers has been granted SFJ Awards ALP Only Centre Approval


Foundation Level

The Society of Forensic Interviewers – Theory of Ethical Investigative Interviewing  – ALP0053

The Theory of Ethical Interviewing ALP0053 (Foundation Level) course has accredited by SfJ Awards. The course has been mapped and found to be equivalent to a level 4/5 vocational qualification as part of the ALP application to SFJ Awards

The course has been designed to be completed on-line, and includes an on-line examination which will need to be passed to attain the certificate.
It is aimed at anyone who conducts investigative interviews or who wishes to learn more about the subject.

It will be of specific value to anyone who:


  • manages or supervises civilian investigators who conduct investigative interviews in any civilian setting, including HR discipline or grievance interviews.
  • makes investigative decisions based on the product of investigative interviews as above.
  • conducts occasional investigative interviews regarding simple cases (less than 4 per annum)


It is compulsory for anyone who wishes to become a SoFI Accredited Interviewer or a SoFI Accredited Trainer.

The course will enable you to:


  • understand the principles and research that underpins ethical investigative interviewing techniques
  • manage and supervise investigative interviews in simple cases to a high standard
  • make decisions based on the product of investigative interviews in simple cases to a high standard
  • manage and supervise investigative interviews in serious or complex cases to a reasonable standard
  • make decisions based on the product of investigative interviews in serious or complex cases to a reasonable standard
  • conduct occasional interviews in simple cases to a reasonable standard.

The course comprises of five modules:

1. Ethical Interviewing
2. Memory
3. Questioning Styles and Interviewer Behaviour
4. Legal Issues
5. The Interview Process

Further details can be found on the ‘Courses’ page f this website.





Members Council Elections

We will be holding elections in October 2014 for three seats on the Members Council. These are currently occupied by three non-elected members who were involved in the formation of the Society prior to launch. These three members are

Elisabeth Carter

Leslie Cuthbert

Steve Watts.

They have all been invited to stand for election, however the election is open to any UK based member who wishes to nominate themselves for a place on the Council.

Nominations must be received by 1st October 2014 with a short bio, including your reasons for wishing to be elected.

Voting will take place between 7th and 20th October with the results being released on 21st October. Details of how to vote will be sent to all members before the 7th October.

If no other candidates are forthcoming then the three current members will automatically be elected to the Council.

Further details about the role and responsibilities of the Members Council can be obtained from


Press release:

1st July 2014

For immediate release

The Society of Forensic Interviewers (SoFI) are pleased to announce that they will be working with SFJ Awards to produce National Operating Standards for ethical Investigative Interviewing.

Currently, the quality of service or expertise provided by investigative interviewers in the private sector is variable and there is no standard against which quality can be measured. Interviewing witnesses and potential respondents is an integral and important part of any investigation and the product obtained from the interview will be used to guide the direction of the investigation and inform the decision maker at it’s conclusion.

The importance of high standards in interviewing cannot be overstated as they will improve accuracy and therefore veracity of the information obtained. Improved quality through the introduction of standards will also ensure that interview dependent investigations will be more efficient and therefore more cost effective. Improving accuracy also improves ethical standards, which improves employer/employee relations in the work environment. Additionally, poor quality or unethical interviewing can have a direct, detrimental impact on interviewees, but also can directly affect the options available at the conclusion of an investigation. For example, in employment law, misconduct procedures rely on factual, properly evidenced allegations which have been fully put to the employee.

SoFI has been established to introduce minimum standards, quality benchmarking and, accredited training to the marketplace, which will be of benefit to investigative interviewing practitioners, investigative interviewing trainers and organisations that employ either.

Jeff Shiplee, Managing Director of SoFI said “ SoFI has made tremendous progress since it was launched in October 2013. We firmly believe that interviews conducted outside of the law enforcement agencies should meet an acceptable standard of ethics and professionalism. We hope that the various sectors will share this view and choose to self-regulate by adopting these standards. SFJ Awards is a respected accrediting body, who worked to introduce National Operating Standards for Investigative Interviewing in the criminal justice sector. The experience and knowledge that they bring to this project is vital to ensure that we produce a meaningful and robust standard, and we are very pleased that we have reached an agreement to work together on this project.”

 Adrian Jackson,  Managing Director of SFJ Awards said “We are very pleased to be working with SOFI to develop the Operating Standards and Accreditation for Investigative Interviewing, having had many years experience in the Justice and Community Safety sector we are very aware that not only do interviews form a critical part of the investigative process but that it is a skill that needs to be acquired and delivered consistently to the required standard to facilitate investigations.”

More information is available on the SoFI website or by email


Accreditation Scheme Progress

The Members Council have agreed the format we will adopt and we are now working on the details i.e. delivery methods and content. It is intended that we will be working with two nationally recognised accrediting bodies to endorse the Scheme, and we are still on track to have it introduced before October 2014.

Early places will be offered to existing members in the first instance, so if you would be interested in achieving Accreditation this year please look at the Membership page. We would also be happy to discuss discounts for multiple membership within an organisation or company. Contact for further details


New Advisor to the Members Council

Lord Harris of Haringey has joined the Society and accepted the role of Advisor to the Members Council.

Lord Toby Harris was made a Life Peer in June 1998 and is Vice-Chair of the Labour Peers. He is Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Policing and Treasurer of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee (PITCOM). He is a member of the Joint Committee on National Security and was also a member of the House of Lords Select Committee that reported on Personal Internet Security in 2007.


Receive SoFI News by email

If you would like to receive a regular SoFI newsletter by email please click on the link below. We will keep you informed about the progress of the Society, forthcoming events, the development of the Accreditation Scheme and other matters that may be of interest.


Members Council Chair and Vice Chair

From the Members Council meeting on the 21st January 2014.

Chair – Ian Younger – Lead Investigator with the IPCC and recent past President of the ACFE UK Chapter

Vice Chair – Robert Brooker – Fraud Manager at Transport for London.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted in the Members Area shortly.


Members Council Election Result

The six candidates elected to the Members Council are:

Robert Brooker

Peter Coley

Brian Haughey

Kerry Marlow

Simon Scales

Ian Younger


Thank you to everyone who took part in this process. The full Council can be found at


Members Council Election

This is a very important step for SoFI as the Members Council will shape and direct the future of the organisation, and candidates elected now should be expected to remain in post for two years. The main issues to be addressed during the first 12 months will include developing members benefits, the development and implementation of the Accreditation Scheme, and building relationships with other professional bodies to enhance our professional standing.

The election process commences on 2nd December and is open for members to vote until midnight on the 16th December. Votes will be counted on the 17th and the results published the same day.

Profiles of the twelve candidates can be found on the MC Election page of the website. A dedicated ‘Election Forum’ has been created to enable members to ask questions of the candidates.

Each member will be able to vote for six (6) candidates. This does not have to be done in order of preference as we are counting each vote equally.


Accreditation Scheme

One of the main objectives of the newly elected Members Council will be to develop and implement an Accreditation Scheme for trainers and practitioners. This is intended to provide a minimum standard for interviewing across all sectors, and we will be seeking to have it ratified by a nationally recognised accreditation body.

Whilst the Scheme is in development we will be offering training and CPD opportunities through our members. Any such course taken through the Society will be guaranteed to comply with the Accreditation Scheme and will count towards Accredited status.

The Scheme will be implemented by October 2014, but with this guarantee you will be able to work towards your Accreditation immediately.

Contact for more information.


Members Council Nominations Deadline

We have received a number of nominations for election to the Members Council and will soon be moving the process forward. If you are interested in standing for election please complete your membership application and notify me of your intent by the 30th November 2013.

We will require a completed bio (no more than 200 words), which will be posted to the public section of the website on 2nd December 2013. Members will then be able to vote for  an agreed number of candidates by the 16th December.

The first Members Council meeting will be held in London in the middle of January 2014.

Prospective candidates are invited to attend the ‘Introduction to PEACE Interviewing’ event on 27th November to informally meet with the Directors of SoFI.

The Members Council will have responsibility for deciding on all membership issues, starting with the Accreditation Scheme. The Chairman will be elected from within the Council members at the first meeting.


‘Introduction to PEACE Interviewing’ – Initial feedback

We held our first event on 27th November in central London. I would like to thank the course leader, Alan Oliver (Belmont Training/SoFI) for providing an excellent afternoon.

A variety of different sectors were represented at the event, by both managers and practitioners, including HR, commercial banking, financial services, accountancy, a charity, and a major political party. Below are some of the comments we received:

  • “don’t restrict it to private sector”
  • “PEACE should be a requirement for managers or anyone required to work in the field”
  • “there is a need for some common standards”
  • “can see the practical application of this in an HR context”
  • “I see the value in this…how it relates to investigators in the private sector”
  • “good for training/seminars/networking”

Thank you to everyone who attended.


Administration Fee

The online membership application system has proved to be more efficient than we had anticipated (well done Rubious), and therefore we are able to waive the one-off administration fee of £35.



Using PayPal is a fast and efficient way to pay for membership or events. However, if you would rather pay by other means please contact the Society by email at


Bs 102000

We are still attempting to unravel the proposed licensing of private investigators and exactly who will be affected. Our interest in this is because ‘Interviewing skills’ is one of the five core competencies that will be measured, and it has been suggested that the required standards should be compatible with an existing National Operating Standard. The only ones that currently exist for investigative interviewing are those that SoFI endorse.

This is clearly an important issue for our members and we will continue to monitor the situation and post any updates on this page. A link to the Government response (published July 2013) is attached and from our point of view Recommendation 11 on page 9 is of most interest.


Members Council

We currently have a minimum of three places available on the Members Council. These posts will be filled by way of an election before mid January 2014. Any UK member will be eligible to stand for election to the Council, but will need to have joined before the end of December. All members, including Overseas Members, will be eligible to vote in these elections.

The newly elected Council will have responsibility for developing and implementing the Accreditation Scheme before October 2014. This is a great opportunity to have a proper say in the future of the Society and to influence investigative interviewing in the private sector, for the coming few years.


Accreditation Scheme Committee

This will be one of the first, and one of the most important committees, that the Society convenes. Members (UK) will be invited to sit on the committee by the elected Members Council and will play a crucial role in the development and implementation of the Scheme. If you would like to be considered for this committee please contact Jeff Shiplee ( to register your interest.


PEACE Trainers

We are looking to commission a number of PEACE training events around the UK and need suitably qualified trainers to join our membership.

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